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    On leaving a great job

    A bit of personal news, today is my last day at Adobe.

    I've had such a fantastic run at Adobe. The people are just incredible. I got to work on so many cool products across the Creative Cloud. I worked on web apps, desktop apps, services, shared components, contributed to our design system and helped lead three amazing projects.

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    Setting up Gatsby Webmentions on your site

    I spent a lot of Sunday... ok pretty much all of Sunday setting up Webmentions on my Gatsby site so when people Tweet about my blog posts they show up like comments!

    There are already quite a few articles on how to do this but I still got pretty stuck along the way so I figured I'd write another one.

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    Introduction to async JavaScript

    I had an awesome meeting with my mentee today and we covered a lot of great stuff!

    • My awesome mentee: Can we go over async await tomorrow?
    • Me: Absolutely!
    • My awesome mentee: Actually, maybe asynchronous code in general?
    • Me: Let's do it!

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    Improving my content diet

    A few days before Christmas I found this amazing Twitter thread:

    It's a list of 10 questions that did, in fact, spark interesting dinner conversation! We had a few family members over (our quarantine pod during COVID) and we went through the list together!

    One of the questions that stood out to me was:

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    Best blog designs I want to steal everything from

    As I was going through rebuilding my blog, I spent a lot of time looking at other people's sites trying to get inspiration. Below is a list of my absolute favorite blog designs and my favorite thing about them.

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    Choosing a blogging platform: Gatsby vs. Wordpress vs. 11ty

    I have a little bit of a problem.

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    Working with people who are smarter than you

    When I was just starting in tech, every job was brimming with people smarter than me! I couldn’t imagine anything better. I was young, new to programming and so eager to learn.

    As the years went by, I did pretty well for myself. I was lucky enough to work at several great tech companies such as Twitter, Brave, and Adobe. Eventually, I was promoted to Senior Software Engineer and even put on a few teams as Tech Lead.

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    10 years is a long time

    Losing weight, running a marathon, learning to code, saving money. These are important goals many of us share. They are also goals that, for the most part, cannot be achieved in a short amount of time.

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    Outages and blame culture

    If you work with software, you experience bugs. If you work with cloud software, sometimes those bugs cause outages.

    Every job I've had has some approach to "dealing" with outages. There's usually some form of an on-call person. Maybe there is an Operations team to help organize (paging the on-call, getting other teams involved, deducing root cause, writing up a report). This is great because if you don't document, it's easy to have rose-colored glasses and feel like things don't happen "that often."

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    The Life of a PHP Developer

    People are really mean about PHP.

    I read this great article the other day about How False Stereotypes Turn Into Technical “Truths”

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