Hi friends!

I'm Jon Kuperman. I work as an engineer for Bloomberg! I've had the priviledge of working for some amazing companies like Cloudflare, Adobe, Brave, Twitter and Barracuda Networks. My career has gone from web development (12 years) to Developer Evangalism and now I work on C++ and TypeScript infrastructure! I record workshops on Chrome DevTools and Accessibility over at Frontend Masters.

I post a lot about JavaScript and the web here on jonkuperman.com. I also am very active on Twitter.

I also help organize the amazing JSConf Hawaiʻi with some other amazing folks.

I love giving conference talks, making videos, writing blog posts and hanging out chatting with other devs! If you have a project or event you think I'd be a good fit for, feel free to contact me at jon [dot] kuperman [at] gmail [dot] com.

Currently, I'm interested in: