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Javascript Array copyWithin

ES6, the awesome parts

ECMAScript 6 brings a lot of cool new features, one that I hadn’t heard about until today is Array.prototype.copyWithin

According to the MDN, copyWithin:

The copyWithin() method copies the sequence of array elements within the array to the position starting at target. The copy is taken from the index positions of the second and third arguments start and end. The end argument is optional and defaults to the length of the array.

The Life of a PHP Developer


People are really mean about PHP.

I read this great article the other day about How False Stereotypes Turn Into Technical “Truths”

Subjective perceptions about languages impact more than just debates between idling programmers, affecting important decisions like hiring and funding.

That really got me thinking about the community perception of PHP.

Interesting Github Uses


Github is a great tool for collaborating on software.

Over the last few years, people have thought of some really creative uses for the platform that go well beyond software collaboration. Here are a few of my favorites:

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