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I'm Jon Kuperman.

I'm an engineer at Bloomberg working on Application Frameworks. I write this JavaScript blog and cover JS, CSS, Web Development, React, Career advice and a few other things! You can find me on:

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Let me be real with you. Sometimes when I'm bored I log in to Buttondown and look at the audience number. If it's bigger than it was the week before, well that makes me feel really happy! I promise I'll never spam you and I will, at most, send you a monthly update with what's happening on this site.

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What I'm up to

I'm living in London and work at Bloomberg as an engineer. Before that, I worked at Adobe writing JavaScript applications for their Creative Cloud. I also worked at Brave on their desktop browser and Twitter on twitter.com. I keep a list of technologies that really interest me on my About page.

My writing

I'm trying to write a lot more often. I find it therapeutic and I always come away with a better understanding of the subject after I write about it! Some things I've written that I'm proud of are:

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