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As I was going through rebuilding my blog, I spent a lot of time looking at other people's sites trying to get inspiration. Below is a list of my absolute favorite blog designs and my favorite thing about them.


What's not to love about this website? It might be my favorite personal blog design of all time.

Josh W Comeau's website

Things I love about

  1. Light / Dark mode toggle
  2. Amazing illustrated image of the author
  3. Fun sounds!
  4. Little interactive heart to click on each post

My favorite thing about it:

The links!

Seriously, look at what happens when you hover over one of these links:

Josh W Comeau's website

I tried figuring out how these work. If you open the network panel in your devtools you'll see it doesn't make a request on hover. I think he must have some sort of build task that crawls his pages, finds links, takes screenshots of each link and then saves them to the post.

I've been thinking about recreating this just for fun but reading Josh's blog is always such a great experience!


Wes literally just finished rebuilding his blog!

Check out how amazing it looks:

Wes Bos's website

Things I love about

  1. The typography
  2. The amazing breakpoints
  3. The content! Free courses, premium courses, a podcast!

My favorite thing about it:

The open graph images

If you link to any of Wes' posts on Twitter or Facebook, you'll notice that the embedded image is actually a screenshot of the post you are linking to! You might be wondering:

Does Wes write a post, screenshot it and then save the file to his blog before publishing?

No, he doesn't! He has a Netlify function that runs on deploy that does this automatically for him! Check it out here!

Here is an example post:


Chris writes so much great content on his blog! It's full of amazing posts on JAMstack, MDX, Gatsby and more! And just look at it.

Christopher Biscardi's website

Things I love about

  1. The rainbows!
  2. It's so clean. Great use of space
  3. This little guy

Christopher Biscardi's website

My favorite thing about it:

The Rainbows

Seriously, they are everywhere and I love them. Check out this little animation at the top as you scroll through an article.

Christopher Biscardi's website


Chris is the owner of the amazing css-tricks website, but it's actually his personal site that I found inspiring!

Chris Coyier's website

Things I love about

  1. It's so personal. I feel like I know a bit about him just from viewing his page.
  2. It's right to the point. Need to contact? Write a guest post? Whatever it is, there's a link for that.

My favorite thing about it:

This form

Check this out!

Chris Coyier's website form

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