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Introduction to cryptocurrencies

I recently went down a bit of a crypto rabbit hole. I've been aware of Bitcoin since 2014, but I didn't truly understand it, and I had no idea about all the newer things in the space. Some questions I had when starting:

  1. What are exchanges?
  2. What is a wallet?
  3. What is mining?
  4. Are all cryptocurrencies terrible for the environment?
  5. How do taxes on crypto work?
  6. What is a DAO?
  7. What is the deal with NFTs?

How I got started

First things first, I watched a few free documentaries on the history of Bitcoin.

Crypto Documentaries I Watched

First up, Banking on Bitcoin

Free on YouTube, Banking on Bitcoin makes a great introduction. It starts with the 2008 financial crisis and follows along with Bitcoin's creation and early history.

Next, Cryptopia

Free with an Amazon Prime subscription, Cryptopia covers the good, the bad and the ugly of crypto.

Short and sweet, Netflix Explained: Cryptocurrency

Season 1 of Netflix Explained has a "Cryptocurrency" episode that is very good! It's only 19 minutes long, but it covers a lot.

Great YouTube Channels


Coin Bureau

Crypto Lark

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