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I just realized it's been over a year since Kelly and I moved to London! It's been such an incredible year I figured I should write it all down before I forget.

The move

We were nervous about flying our 4-month-old puppy across the country, so we decided to fly to Michigan first to visit family and reduce the total flight time.

We packed up our Florida house, put most of our things in storage and grabbed a flight to Detroit!

Our puppy Freya laying in our suitcase

We went to Michigan, hung out with family, played some chess, Freya met some other dogs, and then we flew from Detroit to Paris. Strangely, the UK doesn't allow you to fly with dogs in the cabin when entering, so we flew to Paris and then paid a service to drive us from Paris to London (which means taking a car on a train and the train under the English Channel.)

Kelly holding up Freya while we're on a train under the Channel

Arriving in London

We arrived, Kelly's job set us up with a temporary apartment, and we missed the worst heat wave. I was jobless in a new country and having a blast. We ate pub food, visited friends and explored the city together!

Me and my puppy eating fish and chips at a pub

We had such an awesome first few months. Eating incredible food, wandering through all the great parks London has to offer and making a ton of friends. A few weeks in, our friends Katie and Liz came to visit! It was a great chance to do a bunch of touristy stuff.

We did the British Museum, Globe Theatre, Agatha Cristie plays, and Jack the Ripper tours and ate incredible Indian food.

Liz, Katie, Kelly and I at the Sherlock Holmes museum

We also spent an entire day in Canterbury, and it was awesome.

Gondola rides in Canterbury

Eventually, sadly, Liz had to return to the US, but Kelly, Katie and I took the train to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival.

Edinburgh is incredible. We saw shows, hiked, ate fantastic food, and drank a bunch of Scotch. It was splendid.

Kelly and Freya and I hiking Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh

We even took the train out to Loch Lomond and hiked and took a boat tour of the Loch. It was freezing but also beautiful.

Kelly and Freya and I on a boat at Loch Lomond

Giant whisky collection

Katie went home ๐Ÿ˜ข, we returned to London and did more fun things. Including a 14-mile hike!

Kelly, Freya and I hiking

Settling in

We enjoyed the end of summer. Flower markets, Sunday roasts at pubs with friends, and bus tours around the city. Late nights out drinking with friends. One weird night, I took a bunch of pictures with a red notebook (a story for another time).

A bunch of us at a pub

We found a permanent flat, moved in and finally started feeling settled. The first few months, while fun, I felt like I "missed home" and wanted to return to the States. I think having an apartment that was ours and a job (more on that later) really helped.

We did more hikes, I started preparing to interview for a job, and we began really settling into our life in London.

In October, we went to Cardiff, Wales. More hiking, more great food! They have a charming downtown area with no cars, and it was great to walk around. Our friend Josh played host and showed us all the cool spots in the city!

Josh and Kelly and Freya and me hanging out in Cardiff!

My dad visits

In early November, my dad came to visit. We did a ton of great stuff. We went to metal bars, visited Edinburgh again, ate our way through the fancy markets of London, and saw a concert together! Scotland was a bit chilly at the end of fall, but we made the best of it!

Me and My dad by Edinburgh Castle

The bad times

A literal supervillain took over Kelly's company (which was tied to our visas). It was a horrible time, and he remains a despicable person. On the good side, I landed an incredible job at Bloomberg that came with a visa, and Kelly was able to walk away from the madness!

Back to fun!

I went to Dayton, Ohio, at the end of November. Got to see my family and spend some great quality time with them.

My family in Dayton

We had a great winter. We visited the RAF Museum and Bletchley Park. We watched the World Cup with our friends and played in the snow.

Kelly and Freya in the winter

Our friends having Christmas together

In January, Kelly's mom visited. We ate more bangin food, went to some fancy Michelin star restaurants, saw a ballet, had high tea, and went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.

Hoppers Indian Food

Caption: Bangin food

New Beginnings

In January, I started a great new job. Doing all sorts of cool infrastructure and performance things and building devtools. It's pretty much a dream come true.

We went to a bunch of art exhibits and generally tried to get as much sunlight as we could during the 3 hours per day it's out in London!

Kelly at an art exhibit

My friend Chris visited in February. He stayed at a baller hotel, and we only had a few days together, but we made the most of it!

Kelly and Chris and I at the London Eye

At the end of the month, Kelly and I flew back to Florida for her dad's wedding. It was great to see family and get a tiny bit of sun again!

Florida sunset

Kelly and our friend Jani had a shared birthday in March! We rented out part of a pub, and all of our friends came. It was an amazing night.

Jani and Kelly at their shared birthday party

FWIW, Freya also had a birthday ๐Ÿคฃ

Freya at her birthday party

At the end of March, we took a weekend in Bath. Saw the Roman baths, toured a bunch of parks, and had more amazing food. It was great!

Houses in Bath

The Roman Baths

We also went and saw the Pixies at the end of March! They put on such a great show.

Kelly and I watching the Pixies


In April, Kelly and I went to Lisbon, Portugal! I've always wanted to go. It was warm and gorgeous, and the food was delicious, and there was music and culture everywhere. We walked all day and all night and had so much fun.

Kelly and I in the town square, Lisbon
Beautiful cathedral in Lisbon
Pastel de Nata

More friends visited at the end of April, including Pancakes (a new friend for Freya!)

Siggy and Pancakes visiting us

London Spring is incredible. More hikes (white cliffs of Dover), more food, more friends and adventures!

My family visits

In May, my mom and sister came to visit! We did so much stuff. Fancy meals, back to Bath! We saw Stonehenge, ate the fanciest dinner of my life and took some memorable tours.

Kelly and I at fancy dinner
Fancy dinner with my family
Family in Bath together
My mom in London
My fmaily at Stonehenge
Lauren on our night time tour
Lauren at our fancy dinner

In June, I got to visit NYC for work. I flew Business Class for the first time ever (life-changing) and got to see some great friends while in town! I met a bunch of my New York teammates and had a great time.


Later in June, Kelly and I got to visit Helsinki for a conference. The conference was amazing, a bunch of our friends spoke. The food was great. We had such a lovely time. At the end of the week, Kelly flew to Dublin for a work retreat, and I went up north in Finland with some friends to a lakehouse we rented (what even is our lives).

Finland meat pies with friends
Finland lake
The perfect lakehouse

TC39 in Bergen

In July, I was given the opportunity to join TC39. It's been a career-long dream of mine, and it was just as cool as I thought it would be! I got to attend their plenary in Bergen, Norway.

Bergen Hotel
TC39 sign

Back in London

We did a bunch more cool stuff, but I'm getting tired as I type ๐Ÿ˜‚

Kelly and I had a 5-star meal on a fancy bus as it toured London!

Kelly having cocktails on a fancy bus

Isle of Skye

In August, a bunch of friends came to visit! We had a few lovely days in London and then went up to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. It was rainy, freezing and stunningly beautiful.

The group of us in front of a mountain in Skye
A castle in Skye
A sunrise in Skye

Kelly's sister visits

Kelly's sister, Amber, came at the end of August. We saw a fantastic concert (Yeah Yeah Yeah's and The Strokes), had high tea and explored so much of London!

The three of us at a concert

Kelly and Amber having high tea

TPAC in Seville

I also got to go to Spain! Although the trip was technically past the 1-year mark. I got to attend TPAC with two coworkers. Seville was beautiful, and I finally got to practice my Spanish!

Hotel in Seville


What an absolutely incredible year. I cannot wait until the next one!

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