This is a 1 min read · Published on 03 Feb 2020

I’m a pretty big UFC fan. I like to watch older fights and for that reason I have a subscription to UFC Fight Pass.

A few months ago they did a website redesign and among other things changed their URL from UFC to UFC Fight Pass. When this redesign launched my password manager stop recognizing it and when I couldn’t log in I went through their “Forgot my password” flow.

I entered my email address and off it went! I got the email in my inbox just like usual and when I clicked on “Reset your password” it took me to the new site. The only problem was, it looks like they forgot to implement the Reset your password screen on the new redesign! It just redirects to the home screen.

Luckily, after the redirect, you are logged in with a temporary password so you can still watch videos!

Four months later, I’m actually loving this workflow. I still haven’t been able to set a password but I’ve gotten really fast at going to their site, “resetting” my password and clicking the link in my email. Why do we need passwords again?

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