Things I've written

  1. Wasted real estate: Blog homepage design
  2. On leaving a great job
  3. Best online node js editor
  4. jquery vs node.js
  5. Get React Version
  6. Stable Node Versions
  7. How to update node js
  8. JavaScript if else syntax
  9. Increase Gatsby performance with Webpack Bundle Analyzer
  10. Setting up Gatsby Webmentions on your site
  11. Webmention playground
  12. Introduction to async JavaScript
  13. All I wanted was pretty links
  14. Improving my content diet
  15. I made a political twitter account for a week
  16. Compiler Resources
  17. Best blog designs I want to steal everything from
  18. Choosing a blogging platform: Gatsby vs. Wordpress vs. 11ty
  19. Patreon layoffs seem cruel
  20. Avoid Rendering Empty Content with font-display: swap
  21. Working with people who are smarter than you
  22. 10 years is a long time
  23. Suspend a React Component from the DevTools
  24. A weird login flow
  25. My first month as a remote worker
  26. Outages and blame culture
  27. Managing Immutable State with Object Spread
  28. Compiled vs. Interpreted Languages
  29. Numbering a list with CSS!
  30. Eleventy has me feeling more connected with my website
  31. Easier Type Safety in JavaScript Classes
  32. Writing a Babel plugin to convert arrow functions to function expressions
  33. Getting Started with ASTs
  34. Add a Service Worker to Jekyll blog on GitHub Pages
  35. Lighthouse Error: Content is not sized correctly for the viewport
  36. Staying Mostly Safe Online
  37. Sharing Styles with React and Aphrodite
  38. The Life of a PHP Developer
  39. ssh_exchange_identification: read: connection reset by peer

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